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Posted by baronswebcrypt on October 8, 2013 at 2:55 AM

This weekends return was.....kind of expected. The views were very low, lower than what the show is used to seeing for a new episode. But...taking in that we are now on a new "network" (website), and that we've been off the air for 5 months, and Open Film is still new, the fact that anyone watched the show at all is amazing. Thus I say the return episode was a success.

I'm sure once the show gets noticed and fans get word of where we're at, the ratings will pick up again. I have no doubt. Besides, it's never really been about the ratings or the views anyway, it's been about entertaining everyone who watches. So to all who viewed and was entertained, thank you. And to those who are reading this months from now who watched and was entertained, thank you too.

Now on to other news.

Has your life been effected by The Government shut down? Are you a giant lizard just waiting for an oppertunity to strike, but just wasn't sure when? Well my tall green skinned friend, now is the time. No Government means no nasty air strikes to stop you from stepping on the White House lawn for that precious picture pose. And fear not the tanks of war as you strike a pose with Mr. Lincoln. Oops. Watch that tail.

Yes my lizard friend. You and all of your giant buddies can now enjoy a relxing time in our nations capital without fear of being judged, screamed at, or even shot at. But plan your trip soon, who knows when this will end. And remember to bring plenty of sun screen for that dry green skin.

Just some friendly advice from your friend, The Baron.

Stay cool Ghouls.

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