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I'm Back! Kinda/Sorta

Posted by baronswebcrypt on April 27, 2017 at 10:50 PM Comments comments (1)
Hey Ghouls, it's been awhile I know, but I'm back. In a way. See what happened is a series of unfortunate events (and I don't mean the new Netflix show). These events I shall go into detail at a later time I promise you. Now that being said. I am currently attempting to bring The Movie Crypt back. I tried this evening via Facebook Live, but failed due to what I'm assuming is poor signal (blast you AT&T). But fear not, I am not giving up so easily. Make sure you stay tuned, because The Movie Crypt shall return. Stay Cool Ghouls


Posted by baronswebcrypt on April 21, 2014 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Miss me? Me too. Fear not Ghouls, I, Baron Von Ghoulstein, will be bringing you Season SIx, the newest season  that will have you excited to be a B Movie Horror Fan (Or B-Fan).

Right now, you can see Season Five currently at .

And don't forget, you can find me and all your favorite Horror Hosts at The Vortexx (found right here )

Tomorrow I will be bringing you pictures and and a blog about last weekends Scare Fest: Road Trip experience. Frighting.

Until then, 

Stay Cool Ghouls!


Posted by baronswebcrypt on October 12, 2013 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Wondering where the new episode of Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt is at?? Well it's currently being viewed and approved by Open Film at The reason why The Movie Crypt will now be airing on the weekends, not just every Friday.

See each episode needs approved before posted. Open Film does this with actual human beings (did you read that You Tube?). This can take up to 72 Hours. So be patient, and keep watching.

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on October 8, 2013 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

This weekends return was.....kind of expected. The views were very low, lower than what the show is used to seeing for a new episode. But...taking in that we are now on a new "network" (website), and that we've been off the air for 5 months, and Open Film is still new, the fact that anyone watched the show at all is amazing. Thus I say the return episode was a success.

I'm sure once the show gets noticed and fans get word of where we're at, the ratings will pick up again. I have no doubt. Besides, it's never really been about the ratings or the views anyway, it's been about entertaining everyone who watches. So to all who viewed and was entertained, thank you. And to those who are reading this months from now who watched and was entertained, thank you too.

Now on to other news.

Has your life been effected by The Government shut down? Are you a giant lizard just waiting for an oppertunity to strike, but just wasn't sure when? Well my tall green skinned friend, now is the time. No Government means no nasty air strikes to stop you from stepping on the White House lawn for that precious picture pose. And fear not the tanks of war as you strike a pose with Mr. Lincoln. Oops. Watch that tail.

Yes my lizard friend. You and all of your giant buddies can now enjoy a relxing time in our nations capital without fear of being judged, screamed at, or even shot at. But plan your trip soon, who knows when this will end. And remember to bring plenty of sun screen for that dry green skin.

Just some friendly advice from your friend, The Baron.

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on October 6, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

For those looking for the new episode, look no further. Here is the link to the newest episode featuring the film The Phantom Creeps with Bela Lugosi. .

I hope everyone enjoys the return of The Movie Crypt. I have worked very hard to bring the show back to you. It is my pleasure to be able to entertain you all once again.

For those wondering where Grimm, RIpper, Zombie, and the rest of our merry clain were at in this episode, be patient my friends. They will also make a return this season. In fact, we have something very special planned for all of you in the near future.

For thos who haven't checked it out, go to the Appearance/Show Schedule tab and check out what movies are in store for this month.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on October 4, 2013 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

No shut down here Ghouls. Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt is back. And we're bringing an old friend with us.. Bela Lugosi. The Phantom Creeps is The Movie Crypts return film.

I want to talka bit about what it was like filming this episode. For those not in the know, The show was cancelled by BlipTV in June. The final episode aired May 31st. The plan was to return to You Tube, as they were going to allow the show to return. As soon as I posted a previous episode with the feature film being The Satanic Rites of Dracula, the film was pulled and I was off You Tube once more. Again, claiming copyright infringement. Samething that happened when Freaks aired.

I had searched through many different sites, but none would allow for the freedom The Movie Crypt required (mostly GB space and/or time). As the show was reaching the end date for season four, and no new episodes had aired, I had decided to simply end the season with the last episode aired, and try to find a new home for the show before the 5th season was to air. It didn't look good Ghouls. But then I found Open Film ( After testing the site by airing previous episodes of season four, I had decided that The Movie Crypt will return for it's 5th season. And here we are.

Enter filming the first episode in five months. Thats right Ghouls. I haven't been in front of the camera in five whole months. When I put that fadora and sunglasses back on, the cape flowing down, my friends, it was quite over whelming. I was back in The Movie Crypt in front of the camera and talking to all of you. I really did have goosebumps. It was a moment I didn't think was ever going to happen again. And even if for some reason the show comes to another irrupt end, I will hold this moment, this episode, as one of my most exciting and most important episodes. This is the episode that I returned for all of you. And I couldn't have done it with out all of you and your support.

I can not end this blog without also thanking the guys over at The Vortexx (, Crimson Executioner and Sluggo Gonzales. Those guys kept the show going and alive while I was away trying to find a new home for The Movie Crypt. The fans have been incredible.

As a major thanks, I want to meet everyone that I can, so that I can personally say thanks. That's why for the past few months I have been making plans for a live meet and greet and a local Pizza Hut here in town. There isn't a date (or maybe dates??) just yet, but it's coming soon. And when it does, you will be the first to know my friends.

So, with that in mind. keep your eye's peeled right here (that sounds like it would hurt), because the daily blaaaahg is back and so is Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt!!

Stay cool Ghouls! (It feels really good to type that again).


Posted by baronswebcrypt on June 18, 2013 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Cancelled before the episode ever had a chance to air. I should have known You Tube would do this again. Some of you may remember back in early 2012, when I aired the final episode of season one with Freaks. The show was still on You Tube. That is until You Tube yanked the film and yours truly, off of You Tube.

I had another place the show aired back then other than You Tube, BlipTV. The show continued on for two and half more seasons. Than BlipTV informed me that as of June 19th (Yes, tomorrow), they will be pulling the show from their site. Well, I wasn't going to allow Blip to tell me when my last episode was, so I aired what would be the final episode on BlipTV on May 31st. The plan? To return the show back to You Tube with their blessing. I decided to re-air past episodes there, beginning with season two, to allow new viewers to catch up and to allow me to reformat the show a bit, so that I could continue on with the fourth season properly. I brief hiatus if you will. Before the episode could air (The Stanic Rites of Dracula), You Tube pulled show once again, and once again claiming copyright fraud.

The episode has once again been pulled and You Tube has once again limited my time to 15 minutes. You Tube is notorious for not doing their research on the videos posted, allowing an automated system instead to remove what it deems, "copyright infringement". I was a fool of a Took to think this would work out with You Tube. But I, being the forgiving Baron that I am, gave them a second chance, just as they were giving me one (though I did nothing wrong the first time, just like this time).

This brings me to the unfortunate news that until further notice, Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt is on temporary hiatus until it can find a new home. I refuse to fully cancel the show. I have put too much time and many memorable moments into the show. I enjoy entertaining all of you each and every week too much to just quit. The show, somehow, somewhere, will continue. I shall continue to update all of you. And don't forget that you can follow me on Facebook at

I would like to thank everyone who continues to show their support for the show, especially those at The Vortexx ( And of course you, my Ghouls. So until we see each other again, 

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on May 27, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well here we are. It's the final countdown Ghouls. for two years, four season, I have brought you Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt on BlipTV and for two years I have been thankful every week that you keep coming back to watch. BlipTv and I have our issues, but unlike Blip, I will always be thankful for the time I was allowed to have to bring you some of the best movies and craziest characters. But the show will live on. Thanks to You Tube allowing me to return to full length episodes, The Movie Crypt will be returning next week to it's new home, You Tube.

Now some of you may already know that the entire season 1 (minus the final episode, grrrr) has always been available to view and some of you return quite frequently, and again, I'm thankful. The numbers on You Tube are more than I could have ever hoped for. I'm hoping to continue the enjoyment when I return to You Tube with the feature film, Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All. I can't wait.

As readers and followers of this site may have noticed, the blog are not as daily as they once were. In fact they're more like, every now and again blogs. With business picking up at my other jobs, it has been difficult to keep up. But I will always be here to bring you updated news when it becomes available on The Movie Crypt.

With that said,

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on May 11, 2013 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's true Ghouls, Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt has been cancelled by BlipTV. After two years and 4 seasons, BlipTV decided that my show was not the type of show for their format. So, The Movie Crypt will be cancelled and deleted by BlipTV June 15th. However, I decide when the last episode is, not them. And I say May 31st will be the final episode on BlipTV. The series will end on BlipTV with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Now I could go on and on with spiteful things to say. Call them names. Besmirch them every which way. And I would be justified in doing so. But I my friends, am better than that.

It has been a wonderful time being able to entertain all of you. We have had many great memories. So much fun. But all good things must come too end. Or do they???

On BlipTV, yes they must come to end, but not The Movie Crypt. Because on June 7th Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt will return to You Tube with the film Things to Come. Ironic that should be the title of the return movie on You Tube huh?

That's right Ghouls, after nearly 3 1/2 seasons, The Movie Crypt will return to the one place that once wrongfully removed the season one finale, Freaks. The site will be the same ( Hey, the season one episodes are even still there (minus one of them). So join me as I make the big movie back, June 7th.

Also, May 13th marks the Two Year Anniversary of Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt. And to celebrate, I will be showing the Edward Furlong and Frank Langella Horror/Sci-Fi film, Brainscan. So join me this Monday the 13th for Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt 2 Year Anniversary Special.

Stay cool Ghouls.


Posted by baronswebcrypt on April 14, 2013 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Its seems I've been posting nothing but sad news as of late.

I know this one is a few days late, but the word recently lost two great comedians. First, the other day we lost the legendary and always fantastic comedian, Jonathan Winters. Winters, probably best known as Mork & Mindy's "little" one on the hit television sereis, Mork & Mindy, staring Robin Williams. Winters a major influence on Robin Williams. Jonathan was known for his always improve talent, something I learned from him as well as Robin Williams, and because of this, would always keep everyone in stiches with laughter.

I'm also sadden to learn this morning that a good friend, Nick Pollotta, a famous writer (books such as Bureau 13, That Darn Squid God,  Doomsday ExamSky Hammer, and countless more) has passed away as well. Nick originally contacted me to advertise books on occasion on The Movie Crypt. It was through this and the fact that we're both from Chicago that we remained in contact and discussed many jokes and stories.

Once a stand-up comedian, Nick married and lived with his wife Mellisa in Chicago, Illinois. Nick passed away early Saturday leaving behind a legacy of laughs and good times. A caring man who was suffering from kidney problems and remaind strong and hopeful all the way through and never gave up hope. An inspiration, I shall follow in his foot steps in trying to be as strong during any tough situation. Thank you Nick.

Next Friday's episode, which will feature the film, The Hands of a Stranger, will be dedicated to Nick with a few of my favorite skits of his. So I hope you join me this Friday for a special  Baron Von Ghoulstein's Movie Crypt.

Also tonight, The Vortexx will also be honoring the memory of Nick Pollotta, so tune in to The Vortexx at 9 (ET) at

Stay cool Nick, you crazy Ghoul.


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